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Keeping Up With Growth

Tony with his graduating class for Emerging Leaders

Own what you eat.

Tony's has experienced phenomenal growth throughout 2018. We have become a regional product sold across the Southeastern US, with plans to become a million dollar company within the next three years. This is made possible through investments by people like you!

An investment in Tony's Tejas Salsa is an investment in your future.

We are not financed by banks or wealthy investors. We are growing because of small investments made by regular people. We all have some disposable income. Wouldn't it be nice to watch it grow permanently? Think of it as your lunch money paying you back.

How do I invest?

The window for the current investment group is closing at the end of the year, making it even more important to secure a spot. Investors will share 35% of the company's profits. Investing before December 31, 2018 allows you to receive dividends throughout the coming year. After this date, investors will have to wait until the close of the next session to receive dividends (Dec. 31, 2023).

This investment session is especially critical since we are about to take the next step of growth. For more information on how you can become part of the Tony's Tejas Salsa investment group, check out our "Making a Generational Investment" page.

*Stay tuned for a message from Tony. He will be discussing all of the benefits of investing in our growing company.

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