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Make your investment

Make your investment (either monetary or

non-traditional) by the deadline

Deadline for current round:

The 2nd round of investing has ended.  The 3rd round will begin on October 1, 2019.  Subscribe to our email list for updates about investing.  We look forward to your joining our group!

Making a Generational


Invest your money into The World's Best Salsa and it will pay you and your family for life while creating a residual income for your children. A residual income is like having a job that requires you to do nothing. Saving money and investing into businesses that generate dividends are the keys to building wealth. The return your investment yields will help with retirement, help pay for your children’s’ education and be passed on to the next generation. Own a percentage of our company's profit. The more you invest into Tony's Tejas Salsa the bigger your returns.


Investment Options

Monetary Investments:

Monetary Investments are accepted as a one time in financial contribution or on a recurring monthly investment.

Non-Traditional Investments:

In addition to traditional financial investments, we offer the equivalent investment amount for fair market value for time and services provided in support of Tony Tejas Salsa.


Examples of potential services:
• Product demonstration
• Store Merchandising

• Product Deliveries
• Video production
• Photography
• Graphic design

You also can purchase advertising, merchandise, equipment, or salsa direct from the factory to grow your investment. Buying any of these items pushes our brand forward quickly and allows the company to grow without getting loans from banks. That keeps company debt low and dividend higher for our investors.

Allow your money to grow

Once you're a member of our group your investment can be grown continuously. Your total at the end of each investment round carries over to the next round. Keep investing by selecting automatic recurring monthly payments.

Project Cumulative Return - 2018 vs 2019
Dollar Bill in Jar

Profit Share Distribution

After the investment deadline, we tally all the monetary and service-based investments. This pool of investments is the investment round total. It's used to calculate your profit share percentage.

Profit share distribution chart - update
  • 55% - Reinvested into the company

  • 10% - Legacy Group

  • 35% - 2nd Round Investors

Net Profit is calculated every 3 months.

You will receive an email with your dividend amount during the following 3 months.

Return on Investment

We project to be a multitude million-dollar company within the next

6-10 years. With your contributions, we can reach our goals faster. Your investment will pay you quarterly as long as Tony's Tejas salsa is manufactured. During the course of the next 20 years, we project a 12%-20% yield on your investment. ​

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