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Tony's Creole Soul Hummus

Tony has been in the kitchen again, cooking up more Tejas goodness. One of his newest creations is a vast improvement on hummus, you know, the chalky bean dip that excites very few of us. Tony's new "Creole Soul Mild Hummus" takes this otherwise plain food to a whole new level.

Starting with slow cooked (never canned) red beans, chick peas and black-eyed peas, this hummus is set off by Tony's mastery of spices and flavors that pop -even in hummus. It is vegan, fresh and good for you like all Tejas products.

I had the pleasure of trying the hummus. The initial flavor is silky smooth, with hints of sage and oregano. It is perfect for those of us who prefer less heat while maintaining an amazing flavor.

Keep a lookout for Tony's spicy hummus too. It is still under development, but it will be in stores soon.

I caught Tony in the kitchen, cooking up more amazing flavors.

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