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Ingram Family Corporation

Leaving a legacy... 

"I'm on a mission from God to make the world a better place one cup of salsa at a time "


Through faith in God, all things are possible. The success of our company will be rooted in hard work, faith, and goodwill to mankind. IFC legacy will be to have a positive impact of everyone that comes in contact with our business.


Core Values:



Sharing knowledge advances civilization. It's our mission to educate our consumers and investors so everyone prospers. The more we network and collaborate, the stronger our company will be. Not only will we present the opportunities to people, but we will also inform them of how it will be a benefit to them.



A philosophy of the original man was, a civilization is only as good as the least of the community. As our company grows we will reach back to uplift people, not segregate ourselves from those with less. The flexible contributions that incorporate into the profit share system allow a multitude of people from any background the opportunity to invest.



IFC will always be at the forefront of advancements in the industry. The new path is not the easiest but paves the way for humanity to move forward. Everyone that invests in our company is shattering the perception that the average person can't play a major role in developing a successful business. We will recruit and nourish future leaders through our apprenticeship program.

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