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Who is Tony Tejas?

Tony’s business concept is formed around prioritizing the effect on the community before the bottom line. In the business world for over twenty years, he has a great appreciation for the people who make it all possible.



Tony had an early start in business; he began selling homemade popsicles at age six, had a lawn service by ten and was an intern to the president of Arnoni Aviation. He then became the manager of a restaurant at age twenty, and a general manager of a multi-million-dollar restaurant by age twenty-four.



Every restaurant he managed saw an increase in sales and profitability. Tony also developed several operating systems that improved efficiency and customer service in the industry, as well as designing

and implementing marketing strategies.


After creating the concept of the Tony’s Tejas brand from recipe to branding, he graduated from the Mobile Chamber of Commerce’ Emerging Leaders Program; a course tailored for business leaders, as well as being a member of the Chamber. Tony has devoted his life to developing Tony’s Tejas Salsa through community outreach and by offering people like you a chance to truly own a part of it through the Tony’s Tejas profit share group; also, Tony’s brainchild. It is unique in that the public can invest in a private company.

Recycling and protecting the environment are top priorities for Tony. He is always working on better, more earth-friendly ways to package and distribute

his products.



Tony is “on a mission to make the world a better place,

one cup of salsa at a time.” 

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