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Investment Program FAQS

1. How do I get paid?

You will receive a dividend every 3 months calculated by your profit share percentage and the group’s share of quarterly net profit

2. How long do I have to invest?

You have until 12/31/18 to be a part of the 2nd round investment group and receive dividends starting 1st quarter 2019. If you wait to invest after the 2nd round deadline you will not receive any dividends until the close of the 3rd investment round.

3. Can I cash out on my investment?

Yes. Like any equity investment, you can cash out of your investment by selling your profit share percentage. You can sell it to anyone you choose or auction it off to the investment group to the highest bidder.

4. How will I receive my dividends?

You can choose to have your dividends transferred to your bank account or get a check sent to you.


5. Can I pass my profit share percentage on to my family?

Yes. This is a generational investment in an institutional corporation. Leave your shares to whomever you choose in your last will and testament and they will begin receiving your dividends.


6. How do I reinvest my earnings?

For the first 18 months after the closing of the 2nd investment round, we will automatically invest your dividends unless you choose to cash in on them. You will receive a quarterly email with the profit share totals and the number of your dividends. Simply reply to the email and you will be given a dividend payment date.

7. How can I help grow the company? 

As an investor, anything you do to promote the brand grows your investment.

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