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Return on Investment

Breakeven & Continuous Gains:

There is always risk involved with investing. We have structured our profit share system so our investors potentially get their initial investment back within 6-10 years. Once you earned that back, you will have broken even and the risk is over. You will continue to receive dividends for the eternity of the company. That's continuous gains and how you accumulate wealth.


Reinvesting your dividends: 

Because we encourage our group to invest their disposal income, it's easy to reinvest your dividends. We send out a quarterly earnings report and give you options to reinvest or get paid. Your investment accumulates, allowing your money to stay in the group and keeps your profit share percentage growing.



The cost to Benefit analysis: Investing in a new company is risky, but it also can generate large returns on your investment. We have made it easy to invest at a level that works for your financial situation. The sooner and more often you invest the faster your investment grows with better returns. The biggest risk to the company and your investment is if the founder dies. He has an insurance policy that covers the profit share groups monetary contributions. The benefits of being in our group are endless. Being a member automatically qualifies you for future investment opportunities. We have a diverse group with backgrounds in several different industries. Network with members to grow your own business. We display the talents of members via our social media and website outlets.


Cash Out:

Investment Group Auction: When you are ready to liquidate your investment you can sell your profit share percentage to whomever you choose.

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