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World's Best Salsa TV

We would like to introduce a new addition to World’s Best Salsa TV, "Cooking with Tony Tejas." Tony will be highlighting your favorite recipes made with the world’s best salsa and will be featuring guest chefs. It’s all about cooking, drinking and, of course, eating!

This show was inspired by all of the people Tony meets and the stories they share about how they enjoy Tony’s Tejas Salsa.

Email subscribers also have an opportunity to get involved. Send us your salsa creations for a chance to have your recipe featured on the show or even be a guest on Cooking with Tony Tejas.

Be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as signing up for our email newsletter, where you will find news, recipes and where the party is going down. There is a lot happening with The World’s Best Salsa; stay informed and keep the party going!

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