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Our Core Values

IFC's mission is to “Engineer a new business model that prioritizes humanity.“ The founder, Anthony Ingram believes that having a balance of profitability and positive effect on the lives of customers, employees, and investors is the future of capitalism. As IFC diversifies its portfolio of companies into agriculture, restaurants, and textiles, the core values will be woven into their structures. It started with the development of “The World's Best Salsa” and the structure of Tony's Tejas Salsa Profit Share Group.

Quality and Innovation: Tony's Tejas Salsa is made out of high quality ingredients that we source as much as possible from regional farms. We are working with a co-op of organic farmers to source 100% of our raw materials directly from farmers, stimulating local economies and lowering COGS. Chef Tony Tejas developed a technique for manufacturing his salsa that increases shelf life while improving flavor and profitability.

Education and Opportunity: We have a sales intern program that works with anchor institutions to source talented students to work on our sales team. This program allows students to help with the development of our brand, learn real world skills, and apply the concepts from their text to an established company. We hire a diverse staff for our production and sales team. We employ veterans, special needs, and socially disadvantaged folks to give them the opportunity to work for a company that cares about their mental and financial well being.

Wealth Accumulation: TTS Profit Share Group is structured so all income brackets can invest and build wealth. We are putting peoples’ disposable income to work in the trillion dollar food industry. People who have more time and talent than income can play a pivotal role in the growth of our brand with sweat equity. Seasoned business operators can make substantial monetary contributions and grow their investment through consulting.

Environmental Impact: We take every opportunity to use and recycle the consumables we use. We have turned tons of produce scraps into compost for local farmers. We reuse cardboard boxes for shipping to help reduce our carbon footprint and recycle plastic containers. Renewable fuels power the delivery fleet of our high efficiency distribution system.

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